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Online Dating

Online Dating is pretty popular these days. By now, everyone seems to be on facebook. It’s easy to meet new people on the net, but how about meeting them in real life?

Here’swhat normally happens: you “poke” a beautiful girl online, write her a message like “Hi! I like your…/ your so sweet” aso. and never get a response. And that’s what 95 % of the guys do – that’s what I thought.

To check my suspicion, I registered an personal with a picture of a hottie and added some rare personal details like “sex and the city” as the favourite serial aso. One weeks later my mailbox was full with 13 friend requests and 21 mails from guys letting “me” know how hot, nice, cute aso. “I”  was.

It was really mean to see what those hot girls have to read again and again – it’s the same, stupid, uninspired stuff. The women are’nt answering this stuff…And guess what – you wouldn’t either!

So, giving compliments is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in online dating. If the girl is beautiful, never make compliments on her looks. She hears (and reads) it all the time and to her you’re just the next guy who wants in her pants.

Instead you can use a “NEG” like “Hey, I like you hair color. Is it real?” You’re right, there’s a compliment inside, but at the same time she realizes you have doubts about her looks. You can still make a small compliment later in the conversation, but try to find something other than “You have beautiful eyes!”

More on the mistakes you shouldn’t make in online dating the next days.

P.S. There is a brand-new (2008) 224-page e-book called “The Online Game” out now. If you thought, you already knew all about online dating, GET READY!

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First post!

My Name is Steve Wells and this is my first post in this brand-new blog. As a freelance journalist I have written more than 30 articles dealing with the problem how to get better with women (which are free and can be found on ezinearticles.com). The idea behind this blog is to share my thoughts on this subject on a regular, daily basis.

By now, nearly everyone seems to know the book called “The Game” by Neil Strauss. If you’re not everyone, here’s a summary what this book is about. Since this book is what got me into the pickup community, I would like to start this blog with an excerpt from “The Game”:

The moment I started reading, my life changed. More than any other book or document—be it the Bible, Crime and Punishment, or The Joy of Cooking—the layguide opened my eyes. And not necessarily because of the information in it, but because of the path it sent me hurtling down. When I look back on my teenage years, I have one major regret, and it has nothing to do with not studying hard enough, not being nice to my mother, or crashing my father’s car into a public bus. It is simply that I didn’t fool around with enough girls. I am a deep man—I reread James Joyce’s Ulysses every three years for fun. I consider myself reasonably intuitive. I am at the core a good person, and I try to avoid hurting others. But I can’t seem to evolve to the next state of being because I spend far too much time thinking about women…

– Neil Strauss, The Game, 2005, p. 9

In my opinion, the last sentence is crucial. A lot of guys that find themselves in the pickup community are pretty smart guys – guys that think a lot. Probably you are one of them. But as we all know thinking is only one side of the coin. The other one? Taking action! And this is where most of the guys fail. Or, actually, they don’t. Because they don’t even try! The reason for this is quite obvious: It’s much easier to read all the stuff, watch all the DVDs that make you feel great and lull you – instead of going out and learning in real life. You don’t have to deal with rejection, with “shit tests”, with competitors – you don’t have to deal with life! Because that’s what life is about. Those are problems that you have to be able to solve if you want to make it in life. And let’s be real – it’s not nuclear science – you can solve these problems. And even have fun doing so. So, instead of reading all the pickup material you can get, I – as many before – recommend to go out and practice. Because it’s the most effective way to solve the problem called “I’m simply not good with girls”.

To close this post, some advice from the master himself:

Neil Strauss on things you need to convey to attract women