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Top 3 Online Dating Mistakes Most Guys are still Making

Online dating is extremely convenient as you can browse and arrange dates with an endless number of women without even going out. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. In fact, most men make the same mistakes when it comes to online dates. So, without further ado, here are the

Top 3 Online Dating Mistakes Most Guys are still Making:

1) Not having a profile picture/Having a bad picture.

This one is easy: Not having an profile picture makes you basically invisible. No one will really bother to take to time to answer or even contact you, if you dont even take the trouble to upload a picture of you.

But of course, its not enough having some picture. The picture needs to be good, it hast o stand out from the crowd. Most guys on online dating sites have bad pictures, that is: you cant really see your face, its blurred, its a selfie (ultimate no-go) or even worse a bare-chested selfie in front of a mirror with stains of toothpaste on it.

In short: You definitely need the time to create and upload a good picture. Ask a friend with a professional camera to make some pictures of you and you will definitely stand out from the crown.

Good-looking pictures are an absolute minimum when it comes to online dating. And yes, pictures, not picture as you need more than one. One that shows your face (no special face expression, not looking into the camera), one whole-body-shot (smiling/in-motion) and one with friends/other people, preferable also women.

The last one is important because it shows women that you actually are a social being and/or preselection. You can write novels about how cool you are, but firstly most visitors wont even read it and secondly, only seeing is believing.

You can upload more pictures, preferably travel or activity pics, but more than 5 is actually a try-hard, showing neediness.

2) Writing empty or boring messages.

Empty means messages that are useless like Hi, Hey, Whats up, How is it going, I like your…

They are useless because most girls on online dating sites get tons oft hem daily and there is basically no reason to answer (unless they recognize you are a famous actor from your profile pic). By sending stuff like this you assume she will do the work and will engage a conversation – really?

But there are also boring because cliched messages like you have beautiful eyes, etc. These are either too familiar or obviously dishonest or/and needy.

Also, avoid boring interview questions like what do you do?where do you live?, etc.

In fact, what you send isnt as important as what you dont send. So, at all cost, avoid the type of messages mentioned above as well as sexual messages of any kind.

The idea is to create a connection to her and every message is a step to this goal. So try to be creative and funny when messaging.

3) Putting everything on one card.

This means concentrating on one girl instead of sending tons of messages to different girls and increasing your chances of success tremendously.

By all means concentrate on one girl that you like (from her pictures, because obviously you dont know her in real life), but do also send messages to other girls so you wont be devastated when she suddenly decides to end your the conversation seemingly for no reason.

This also means that you should have profiles on different online dating sites not only because you can contact much more girls, but also because they are slightly different and different types of girls use different sites.

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How to Pick Up Women ONLINE – Cajun’s New Book Revealed!

Derek’s Tips to Improve Your Online Dating Tonight:

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About Cajun…

If you’re new to this site, you might not know Cajun. He’s been keeping his head down the last year or two, busy with a ton of testing and live trials of the Gentleman’s Guide.

But before he was known as a world expert in online game for men, he was famous for winning the Keys to the VIP hidden competition pickup TV show. This was no vanity project, where a guy gets to approach 100 women and choose the infield footage he likes. He put his name, and the Love Systems name, on the line without so much as a safety net. Cameras followed his every move at a nightclub. Judges watched….

…and the 5’6 Cajun mopped the floor with the competition. “The best we’ve ever seen,” said one of the judges.

You can actually watch all the infield footage on the Gentleman’s Guide site – just click over to the “Success Stories” tab and look on the right-hand side. Here’s a link to the site again:

The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating

In other words, with Cajun you know you’re getting the straight goods. He’s not some guy who dates online because he can’t attract women day-to-day. He’s literally one of the best in the world – and he brings THAT expertise to the online world.

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Online Dating Part 2

Ok, by now you know that complimenting a girl on her looks is a major mistake – not only in online dating. So what are the other mistakes that you shouldn’t avoid chatting with girls on facebook, myspace aso.?

Another big mistake is writing too long messages and chatting too long in general.

The reason is that the girl doesn’t know you and isn’t sure, whether to spend her precious time on you. She obviously has to take some to read long messages, which are in most cases boring as most guys don’t know how to tell an interesting story that demonstrate higher value in a short way. This leads to negative feelings inside her, which means she won’t contact you again.

So, instead of writing long messages about you, where you live and what you do – and writing endlessly in general – keep it short and get to the point. Girls like guys who know what they want and value their own time. After about short 10 messages you can say something like this:

“I get pretty busy, so you won’t find me online often. Let’s continue this on the phone, here’s my number. Or, if you’re old-fashioned, just mail me yours.”

Here is what Neil Strauss has to say on online dating.

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Online Dating

Online Dating is pretty popular these days. By now, everyone seems to be on facebook. It’s easy to meet new people on the net, but how about meeting them in real life?

Here’swhat normally happens: you “poke” a beautiful girl online, write her a message like “Hi! I like your…/ your so sweet” aso. and never get a response. And that’s what 95 % of the guys do – that’s what I thought.

To check my suspicion, I registered an personal with a picture of a hottie and added some rare personal details like “sex and the city” as the favourite serial aso. One weeks later my mailbox was full with 13 friend requests and 21 mails from guys letting “me” know how hot, nice, cute aso. “I”  was.

It was really mean to see what those hot girls have to read again and again – it’s the same, stupid, uninspired stuff. The women are’nt answering this stuff…And guess what – you wouldn’t either!

So, giving compliments is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in online dating. If the girl is beautiful, never make compliments on her looks. She hears (and reads) it all the time and to her you’re just the next guy who wants in her pants.

Instead you can use a “NEG” like “Hey, I like you hair color. Is it real?” You’re right, there’s a compliment inside, but at the same time she realizes you have doubts about her looks. You can still make a small compliment later in the conversation, but try to find something other than “You have beautiful eyes!”

More on the mistakes you shouldn’t make in online dating the next days.

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