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How to Eliminate One-Itis

1) What is one-itis?

One-itis is defined as an infatuation with another individual who does not return those same feelings. One-itis victims can usually be seen pining over a single individual, constantly overanalyzing every situation, and asking his friends what he can do “to get this girl”.

2) How do you get over one-itis?

Step 1- Delete her number and name from her cell phone. If she calls, tell her you “have to do … I’ll talk to you later.”
Step 2- Get rid of any pictures of her. You’re only defeating yourself by keeping them around.
Step 3- Delete your e-mail transactions and her messager screenname, in addition to any online connections that you may reach her at. Don’t block her. You don’t hate her; you just don’t care anymore. She is not special.
Step 4- Avoid places that she frequents for a period of time. If you work with her, that’s your fault for getting involved with your coworker.
Step 5-You’re not angry at her; you’re just moving on to bigger and better.
Step 6- Surround yourself with friends. Sarge immediately.

3) But what if she’s special; she’s different; she’s perfect for me?

There are 3.5 billion women out there. So you just coincidentally tripped and fell into “the one”? There’s a statistically higher chance of being struck by lightning three times than that being your “one special girl”.

4) Then why is she “perfect” for me?

Because males tend to rosetint and accentuate positive characteristics of women they feel they have a chance with. Try being critical of her one day. Notice how she sports lovehandles, or has no common sense.

5) But I feel I have a chance …

She was either nice to you once or is still nice to you, but won’t have sex with you because she likes feeling wanted. Thus, she likes having you around so that she can feel sexy, but she’s not going to have sex with you. Don’t feed her ego and kick yourself in the balls day in and day out. She’s not special. You, on the other hand, are special, because when you realize that you can get ANY girl, one single girl means nothing to you.

6) How can I make sure I never get one-itis again?

Unlike what you would normally do in most situations (stop talking to women altogether), the goal here is to remain in contact with as many women as possible. This allows you to keep a “there’s always more fish in the sea” perspective.

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How to Get Over “Oneitis”

We’ve all been there: You’re so into that one special girl. She begins to sense a sharp discord with her own feelings of inadequacy and innate discomfort: this guy likes me too much. This you how you lose her…

Pick-up gurus tell us over and over again how bad “oneitis” is. But when you’re in the middle of that emotional maelstrom, it’s hard to hear why it’s important to kill those feelings for that special, magical girl.

Why? Because she’s not special, and neither are you.

In fact, in the book Getting the Love You Want, Dr. Harville Hendrix distills the experience of love down to three core emotions:

1.) This person is highly unusual and specifically tailored to loving me.
2.) I’ll never feel like this again.
3.) This feeling should last forever.

Biochemically, you are designed to react to loving emotions exactly how you do. Your emotions are not special.  She has loved before. So have you. She will again. So will you.

No, she’s not different. Imagine the most heinous, depraved, “slutty” thing you’ve seen or conceived. Now, know this: you know someone who’s done something like that or worse. Such is the reality of modern reality. Suck it up and deal. After all, you’re probably a normal, decent person, and all that deviance and judgment you just threw out in our imaginary situation there is NOTHING compared to the festival of sin that is your daily, hourly sexual fantasy life. What separates your thoughts from your actions? Sadly, it’s probably an issue of will and game.

No one is actually that special. But everyone is that special. That one girl isn’t worth a damn because everyone has a nugget of gold lodged somewhere in their chest. Everyone has some hidden glory. Sometimes it’s hidden very deeply. But there truly are a vast number of interesting, beautiful women, despite their minority status. In that same regard, no single girl is all you’ve made her up to be. Not one.

Some of you are reading this and thinking about This One Girl You Know. Seriously, not even her. EVEN IF EVERYTHING YOU SAY ABOUT HER IS TRUE! THERE IS A GIRL WHO IS BETTER-LOOKING, SMARTER, FUNNIER, AND NICER. YOU JUST HAVEN’T MET HER YET. That glorious sun goddess is still just another glorious sun goddess. We live on a planet with 6,200,000,000 human beings. And women are in the majority. Seriously, she’s not that special.

And that’s why you have those feelings for THAT special girl. That muse is only holding you back because what she’s really doing, what she’s really, really accomplishing, is holding you back from being your true, glorious self. Find her seventy thousand superior counterparts. Then return.

With understanding.

Experience and willingness to learn breed perspective. When you don’t accrue a lot of experience with girls, it’s easy to get sidetracked by illusions, to forget how mortal these divine creatures are. Then, you can find a girl you want, a girl you like, a girl you can love. And you will not love her out of habit. You will not love her because she’s just the prettiest girl you’ve ever been with. You will love her because she’s the best girl to receive your love. And that statement means something because you have allowed other, female things to happen to you!

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