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6 Crucial Tips for a Good Night Out

Whenever you want to go out and work on your pickup skills, you want to make sure you get the fundamentals down first. Here are 6 tips you can use to ensure you will have a good night out:

1. Approach immediately to prevent any form of anxiety building up. There are some exceptions to this, but use it as a guideline.

2. Smile on the approach – You don’t have to keep your smile plastered on, but smile in the first 1-3 seconds when you first approach. This will make people, especially women, more open to you.

3. Be louder – Rather be too loud than too quiet, especially in noisy venues. In any approach you make, every member of the group should be able to hear you comfortably. Vocal muscles are like any other muscles. You need to work them out. They will tire and become sore. And then your body will repair them to be stronger and more effective.

4. Stand up straight – If she can’t hear you, don’t lean in, be louder. If you can’t hear her – who cares. At least for the first minute or two. Just continue with what you are talking about or start a new conversational thread. After a few minutes, or when you need to work in qualification, then you can move her (or the group) somewhere quieter.

5. Improvise – Canned material is fine, but don’t make it a crutch. You should never leave a conversation because you “ran out of things to say.” Improvise. Try something – anything! Even “so, uhhh, where are you from?” is better than wandering off. You may not come up with the next spectacular line right away, but your subconscious will be thinking about it. Stay in enough conversations without a safety net of canned material, and you’ll start to get really, really good.

6. Be ‘normal’ and social – not a pickup shark – Don’t circle around the venue looking for your prey. Those guys are “losers” and women don’t want any part of them. Don’t stand side by side with your guy friend, intently watching everyone else, and then finally approaching a girl. Trust me, the girl saw you staring earlier. Instead, relax, be social, and have fun! Talk to guys, mixed groups, women you’re not attracted to, whoever is there. Oh, by the way, if you don’t find yourself successfully doing this, then make sure you go out a few times to the very same venues that you would use to meet women, but instead practice just being social and part of the larger group. Don’t pick up any women. Just talk, have fun, get comfortable with your surroundings, and meet people. Then go back and use your new social skills as a jumping off point for the 9 phases and your routines (see Magic Bullets).

With a trained instructor, bypassing these and about a dozen more typical “new guy” mistakes can be accomplished quickly. By yourself, it may take a while, so be persistent and don’t lose faith. Remember – even the best pickup guru was in your shoes once.

Speaking of success, learning to be good with women has often been compared to climbing a mountain. At first, you’re on the bottom and can only see the first crest. It looks like the top of the mountain, but you know it’s not. Kind of like – you see your first challenge, or sticking point, might be delivering good attraction material. Then you get that down, and you notice that your interactions with women are falling apart because of bad body language. You didn’t know you had improvement opportunities with your body language before, because you were getting blown out before that problem could surface. So that’s the next crest, and so on. Learning these skills can be thought of in some ways as being a process of sequentially solving increasingly advanced sticking points.

All these tips and more are covered in Magic Bullets, often regarded as the bible of seduction.

Learning Pickup – What Really Works

The best thing you can do, is read/listen to/watch something, but for the time you spend learning it, spend 3 times that going out and practicing it in field. So if you spend an hour reading something, spend 3 hours going out and practicing it.

At some point you realise that 75% (if not more) is not what you say, but what’s going on elsewhere: Your sub-communications such as your voice tonality, posture, body language, eye contact, how you carry yourself etc. and the mindset you’re going out with. Of course you can’t be spitting boring ass shit at the girl, but for example, a guy learning this stuff with 50 routines saved on his phone/written on a sheet in his back pocket and trying to remember them all with the mindset of ‘I hope I don’t fuck up’, or a guy that has two or three things he’s learnt that he’s gonna practice, and has the mindset of ‘I’m gonna go have fun with this’. Who’s gonna 1. Learn more from doing it a bit at a time, and 2. Have more fun doing it?

Don’t treat mastering this area of your life as work, treat it as a new game that you look forward to playing. Go out & have fun with it, and instead of trying to get good at opening, teasing, takeaways, disqualifying, transitioning, qualifying, escalating, closing, same night lays etc. all in one night, put the puzzle together one piece at a time. More importantly, don’t put so much emphasis on the result, work on the skillset, not the outcome.

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