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Where to Start…The “Newbie Mission”

A lot of guys who want to get better with women ask themselves where to start.

First of all, you don’t need to read all the books from all the well-known pickup artist like Mystery, Style aso. Actually, it can be even counterproductive as after reading one you get so exited that you want even more information and want to read all the sutff avaible – forgetting that reading alone won’t change your situation. You need pratice – in field.

Here is what you can do today:

go to a place where you can find a lot of people (a mall, a store, a train station aso.) and simply say “Hi!” (with a friendly smile) to every woman who passes you by. That’s it!

Don’t think about what might happen or how silly it sounds. Just do it! It will help reducing your fear of appoach tremendesly.

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Why Being Old and Bald Doesn’t Matter

Men are often concerned about their package size, weight, and even their age. For some men race plays a factor. Whatever bothers you or bars you from reaching your goal, it’s important to know how you can overcome insecurities such as being short, balding, age, ED, “size”, weight, and many more.

The first step is mentally dealing with your insecurities. In most cases what you think is a flaw is not even a flaw! Being Asian or Black is not a flaw. Having red hair is not a flaw. Being short is not a flaw. So are a lot of other “flaws” not actually flaws.

You can also learn how to embrace your physical obstacles. If you are overweight and are insecure about it, you have probably heard countless times to go to the gym. What if you learned how you can use the fact that you are overweight to your advantage to pick up women? Being a big guy can help you in certain areas of your game that skinny guys can’t have, like showing dominance and fitting certain sexy stereotypes. If you are short, you can get away with certain things that tall and big guys can’t, like coming in non-threatening and under the radar (just think of the master pick-up artist Neil Strauss).

The guys from Love Systems (Keychain and Mr. M) have a new interview that goes deep on insecurities you might have in the sack and how to handle them. In the interview they give an example of how a man lost one of his arms and still picks up girls (true story). This is an extreme example, but it shows you that good game can overcome your little flaws.

Check out the interview on Overcoming Physical Obstacles. You can listen to the first ten minutes at no charge.