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Why Looks Do Matter and What You Can Do About It

For women many things are more important than your looks: status, confidence, pre-selection, leadership, decisiveness etc. Even grooming (skin, nails, haircut, perfume etc.) counts more than good looks.

But it?™s also true that women find good-looking men more attractive than average-looking men. In fact, surveys show women are far more likely to get involved in a one-night stand when the guy is good-looking and has an attractive body. From the evolutionary point of view, a healthy, good-looking body is an indicator of good genes and thus promises healthy offspring. And that’s what women feel unconsciously when they see an “attractive” body.

That doesn?™t mean you should become a bodybuilder – most women don?™t even find bodybuilders attractive – but working out regularly should be a must. Lose the extra pounds, work on your chest and biceps. You will feel good and have more confidence. However, working out should always go hand in hand with working on your social skills.

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