The Relationship Game Routine by Phaze

Simply ask her the following questions:

1) What is you favorite season. Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring?

Summer = Very outgoing, isn’t scared to experience new things, very compassionate in relationships, drama queen.
Spring= Very caring and loving. Trustworthy, accepting of people, regardless of who they are.
Fall = Mysterious girl, it’s very hard for people to read what she thinking, prefers to keep her feelings to herself, tends to close people out if they get to close.
Winter = A loner, doesn’t like to open up to people, doesn’t think she fits in with the people
she hangs around.

2) When you are spending time with a man you like, do you turn off your phone or leave it

On = Needs to feel important and accepted, really cares what people think about her. Tends to get into other peoples bussiness and doesn’t keep secerets very well.
Off = Doesn’t care what people think about her. Doesn’t need to be connected to the rest of the world and keeps her nose outta other people’s business. Keeps good secrets.

3) When you are dating a guy how often do you want to see him in a spand of seven days?

7 = Clingy, a great girlfriend but can be annoying, serious relationship.
4 = Not to clingy, wants a good relationship, a good girlfriend.
1 = Wild girl, doesn’t want to feel tied down, nothing serious, bad girlfriend.

4) Who do you like more – cats or dogs?

Dogs = High maintence, needs to feel loved by her boyfriend, wants attention, but a very caring girlfriend. Will do anything to make her man happy and see him smile.
Cats = Not high maintence, tends to not committ to plans and when she does she
sometimes backs out of them. Doesn’t ask for her mans permission and often does stuff that makes her boyfriend mad.

5) You see a bright blue lion running down your street, what is the first thing you do?

The answer doesn’t matter, just say “Really? Hmm I didn’t think you were that kind of girl.
Thats really interesting!
Her: “What? Tell me, tell me!”
You: “I can’t tell you right now but I’ll call you later and explain it to you. The time isn’t right
If you do this right you’ll number close mostly everytime.

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Natural Woman Routine by Ross Jeffries

Here is a simple routine to get her/ them interested. Simply say you recently had a discussion with a friend and need a female opinion on something (yes, you can always use an opinion opener). Then ask:

“Do you think most men know what women really want?” She/ they probably will laugh or seem bored. Don’t worry, your follow-up is what should get her/ them intrigued:

“I think most men might THINK they know, but I think almost every man makes one, huge, critical mistake when it comes to women…” Wait until you notice they really want to hear the mistake every man is making.

“The mistake is that they don’t recognize that in each woman there are actually TWO women… the natural woman and the culturally programmed woman. The culturally programmed woman is the one with all the rules and all the roles… all the restrictions, constrictions… all the shouldn’ts, shoulds, don’ts, can’ts, mustn’ts…etc.

But the natural woman….that’s the woman right there at the core… where you keep your most exciting memories… where you ponder fantasies… daydreams… amazing possibilities… the things you would do if no one were watching and no one… even your best friends… would ever, ever know about…

Most men just do things that trigger the culturally programmed woman… But when a man… a rare man…can touch a woman in that special place in all those special ways you LONG to be touched… in ways you maybe even can’t admit to yourself… then WOW… an almost complete transformation takes place…and you start blossoming way beyond what you ever even thought possible.

So I think the smart man is the man who has the realization that that place is there… waiting and longing…even inspite the fact that women often have to lock all of that away… and yet they are still there…”

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Warmth Builder Routine by Bishop

Hold her hand with her palm up. Put your index finger in the center of her palm, and tell her to focus on the warmth in that spot your finger is on.
Then tell her to imagine a shape (any shape she wants and she is not to tell you what shape she chooses)
Next tell her to imagine that shape is sloooowly….riiising….up from that spot of warmth. (raise you index finger up to prompt her to raise her shape)
Tell her it is floating…rotating…around…and with each rotation…it gets warmer…and warmer…and warmer.
Then tell her to slooowly let that shape sink back down into the spot it rose from.
Next tell her to feel the warmth, as it travels UP from her hand…to her wrist…and it stops in that spot where the arm bends. (Your index finger will be tracing the movement)
While it is stopped here, invite her to notice how much warmer it became as it moved to this spot.
Then have it start moving again, this time travelling up and stopping on her shoulder.
Invite her to notice how that warmth is now even stronger…and more fulfilling.
Continue moving and stopping at her “charm” zone (that’s the area where a charm on a necklace would be resting).
Again invite her to notice how even warmer and more fulfilling it continues to get.
The move and stop on her “heart” zone (Stop tracing it from this point, as it might be too intrusive to her).
Again inviting her to notice the growing warmth and fulfillment.
Then move it down to her solar plexus (And here use EXACTLY this wording, “And notice how that warmth seems to double…maybe even triple in intensity…as if the core of all that warmth…all that fulfillment..came from…right…in…here.” Then poke her solar plexus to
anchor it!)
Then tell her to continue moving that incredibly warm and fulfilling shape down (and tell her something like, “Continue this movement, even though you think you might explode…with enjoyment.” )
Then swoop your hand BY her crotch, at an angle, and say, “And just let all of this flow right out and through you.” (Make sure you do NOT stop your hand by her crotch, because it’s too blatant. Instead, move your hand BY her crotch, at an angle, and over her right or left leg)
And then SHUT UP and let the first words be out of HER mouth, so you know what result you got and where you might need to take the sarge from this point!

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7 Great Openers for Mixed Sets by Juggler

A simple way to open a mixed set is to approach one group member, make friends with him or her and simply ask that person to introduce you to everybody else. But you can also approach all members of the group using specific openers.

Here are 7 great openers for mixed sets (guys AND girls) by Juggler:

1. “It’s interesting that when you have a group of four or more people together like this, the tallest always stands across from the shortest.” – Alter as needed.

2. “Do you guys want to see a magic trick? Alright, close your eyes.” (Take the cute girl by the hand away from the group while everybody’s eyes are closed. Do not return.)

3. “Hey guys! They say in a group there is always one person that nobody really likes. Is that true?” When somebody says “No”, say “And they say the person who says ‘no’ is that person!”

4. “You see that group over there? They said they are more fun than your group. Please prove to me they are wrong.”

5. “Who is the leader here?” (They all point). Say playfully to leader, “What qualifies you to be in charge?”, “Do you know what alpha means?”

6. “Where have I seen you guys before? Were you at so and so’s party? The one where the stripper gave a lap dance to the clown.”

7. “I bet I can use my Psychic powers to figure out how everybody knows each other. Mmmmm let’s see. I am getting a vibe. Yes there it is. You are all members of the same nudist club. I can tell because you are very comfortable with each other but not comfortable with your clothes. (Whisper to girl) “Which guy is the biggest?” “Really, I would have never guessed. Of course it is what you do with it that counts…

P.S. If you need more openers, RSD’s Hot Seat at Home has lots of great ones.


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How to Attract a Girl Using a Simple Pickup Routine Called ‘The House’

There are a many pickup routines like “The Cube”, “Strawberry Fields” etc. that are well-known by now. Here is one that you might not know. It’s called The House and here is how it goes:

Tell her to imagine herself standing inside a house. As she is standing there, five things are taking place which demand her immediate attention:

1. A baby is crying.
2. The phone is ringing.
3. Somebody is knocking on the door.
4. Water is running in a sink.
5. Clothes are hanging outside to dry and it’s starting to rain.

Ask the her to tell you in which order she would take care of each of these problems. Once she tells you this, explain to her that her answers represent her priorities in life, since each problem has a specific meaning:

1. The baby represents her family.
2. The phone represents her love life.
3. The knocking on the door represents her friends.
4. The water represents money.
5. The clothes represents her career.

You may ask yourself whether it’s actually true. But in fact, it doesn’t really matter. Girls are not only interested and impressed as hell when they take this ‘test’, they want to believe that it’s real!

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How to Eliminate One-Itis

1) What is one-itis?

One-itis is defined as an infatuation with another individual who does not return those same feelings. One-itis victims can usually be seen pining over a single individual, constantly overanalyzing every situation, and asking his friends what he can do “to get this girl”.

2) How do you get over one-itis?

Step 1- Delete her number and name from her cell phone. If she calls, tell her you “have to do … I’ll talk to you later.”
Step 2- Get rid of any pictures of her. You’re only defeating yourself by keeping them around.
Step 3- Delete your e-mail transactions and her messager screenname, in addition to any online connections that you may reach her at. Don’t block her. You don’t hate her; you just don’t care anymore. She is not special.
Step 4- Avoid places that she frequents for a period of time. If you work with her, that’s your fault for getting involved with your coworker.
Step 5-You’re not angry at her; you’re just moving on to bigger and better.
Step 6- Surround yourself with friends. Sarge immediately. Check out RSD’s Hot Seat at Home.

3) But what if she’s special; she’s different; she’s perfect for me?

There are 3.5 billion women out there. So you just coincidentally tripped and fell into “the one”? There’s a statistically higher chance of being struck by lightning three times than that being your “one special girl”.

4) Then why is she “perfect” for me?

Because males tend to rosetint and accentuate positive characteristics of women they feel they have a chance with. Try being critical of her one day. Notice how she sports lovehandles, or has no common sense.

5) But I feel I have a chance …

She was either nice to you once or is still nice to you, but won’t have sex with you because she likes feeling wanted. Thus, she likes having you around so that she can feel sexy, but she’s not going to have sex with you. Don’t feed her ego and kick yourself in the balls day in and day out. She’s not special. You, on the other hand, are special, because when you realize that you can get ANY girl, one single girl means nothing to you.

6) How can I make sure I never get one-itis again?

Unlike what you would normally do in most situations (stop talking to women altogether), the goal here is to remain in contact with as many women as possible. This allows you to keep a “there’s always more fish in the sea” perspective.


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5 Body Language Tips to Attract More Women Today

Over 90% of communication is non-verbal. People get much more information from your body language and your tone than from your words.

Here are 5 simple body language tips that you can use right away:

1. Smile.
Smile! SMILE! Most guys are so worried about what to say, how to react etc. so they almost always forget to smile when approaching! Or they come up with a fake smile. Practice smiling in front of a mirror. If you are smiling, your brain adapts automatically and puts you in a better mood. And, when you smile and are friendly, it also puts her in a better mood.

2. Speak louder. Most men are aftraid to speak up, because they don’t like to be judged by others. Forget about the others – they are too busy thinking about what others (including you) are thunking of them!

3. Speak slower.
Confident people don’t talk like they are in a hurry. Also, if you slow down your talking, you’ll be much easier to understand (especially in loud clubs).

4. Eliminate nervous tics. Look at some videos of youself – do you have some tics that you need to get rid of? Silly hand gestures, stupid grimaces or eye twitches? Write down what you notice and try to eliminate them.

5. Don’t hold your drink in front of your chest. Most guys do this and you don’t want to be like most guys, don’t you? Leave your drink at the bar or keep it low. But don’t become Jerry Seinfeld’s “walking around, looking around” guy with in first place. Approach people, socialize!

For more tips on body language, I recommend to check out RSD’s Hot Seat at Home.

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“DONNA CERCA UOMO”, the social network in Italy for those who are looking for true emotions

Suggested for those who are looking for their soulmate and don’t know how to find them. Ideal for those who want to find real friendship starting from a single picture to become fascinated by details. Intended for those who want hot emotions and can’t figure out how to find them.

The solution can be found in one social network. It is revolutionary in comparison with the others of the same kind: here, relationships, passions, pleasures and feelings are real. And, above all, you don’t need any subscription. All for free, all out in the open and extremely easy. Forget about al the time spent in order to fill in forms with your personal data and logins: here you travel really fast to get in the happiness dimension.

Here you are: the number one social network in Italy: Donna cerca uomo. Everyday, dozens of malicious, hot and sensual announcements are added. There are announcements for every taste, in order to satisfy men who are looking for the right woman.

Meetings, dates, long distance relationships: nothing is forbidden to satisfy passion. Announcements published by the most beautiful girls on the Internet, Italians and foreigners. You just need to browse the website in order to find the man or woman of your dreams: at you can choose what is suitable for you. You only need to find it among the thousands of announcements added by men and women who have already chosen this social network to register their profiles.

Special meetings with special people, in the true respect of privacy and discretion. The website is completely free and is easy to use on PC, IPad and smartphones. Handy, convenient and innovative.

You don’t have to subscribe, you can browse the announcements just with one mouse click. The rest is up to your curiosity. Too many websites have made people sick with complicated subscriptions. Therefore, the idea of this new social network: no waste of time or con. You can directly access the world of free meetings, without any additional costs.

There are not traps for the users, who can access all the sections of the website. Other social networks, such as Badoo and Meetic, limit access disadvantageing those who are looking for strong feelings. Here, everybody is on the same level: men and women have the possibility to meet easily and without wasting time with logins and passwords, or being asked for money.

In order to help the users, the website asks you to indicate what you are looking for, through a key-word, city and category. Selecting the area, you will have the possibility to find out the woman who wants to meet a man, in order to live intense moments of pleasure.

Of course, this adult social network thinks about the rest, by searching in its database for the person who fits your needs! Once you find her, you just have to enter her phone number to arrange a meeting or just keep in touch.

As we said before, the strong point of this social network for adult is to offer only true, real and checked out announcements: all the pictures belong to beautiful girls who are waiting to be surprised, charmed and… met!

But there is more: the other strong point of this website is to create a net around itself! A spontaneous net, about which the user is not aware until the point in which he will be overwhelmed with phone calls! Indeed, “Donna cerca uomo” offers a unique opportunity: the announcement you insert is automatically published on more than thirty portals (such as bakekaincontri, kijijiincontri) which gives the announcement a really high visibility and a great number of contacts. That’s right: thirty portals of meetings which will spread your announcement. With such visibility you can easily find the man you are looking for.

But there is another opportunity for all the Italian women! If you are a female and wish to publish your announcement with the highest visibility, you can exploit the advertising space available on the website. The publishing of an announcement is totally free and guarantees a special visibility, in order to obtain thousands of contacts. Women as well have the right to gratify their desire of pleasure: with “Donna cerca uomo” you can satisfy your hunger for men.

This is an opportunity you can’t lose! It is the best showcase for those who look for meetings on the Internet!

Is there something more to find out? No, there isn’t… so, perhaps it is the right moment to go and browse the website and discover all its passion and strength.

Good luck, good meetings and we wish you many sweet emotions.

The Ideal Guy Routine – How to Turn Her On In a Blink

The “Ideal Guy” Routine is about letting her describe her dream guy. Simply ask her what her dream guy looks like, ask her he’s wearing, what his hair looks like, what his voice sounds like, what he says to her, how she feels in his arms …

The idea here is to get her into the state where is she totally free from social constraints and where she can enjoy herself. So she thinks about and experiences the feelings, but WHO is she talking to? YOU.

Basically she gets confused and thinks she is feeling that way about You when she is actually feeling that way about some other, maybe non-existing guy (the dream guy, her idealisation).

She likes him, but is talking to You. You are the one making her feel the way she does.
Just by being with you and seeing you and hearing you and touching you, she gets these feelings. Basically she transfers what she wants from the guy over to you.

The other benefit of this routine is that girls will admit their sexual needs when you are not talking about yourself and you ARE talking about some movie star or something … For example:

You: what would you do if Brad Pitt walked in here right now?
Her: I would seduce him any way I can!
You: How would you seduce Brad Pitt?

So, at this point she will reveal what she would do to convince a man she really wants to be
with her. Getting all hot and bothered along the way of course … And since you’re in the vicinity … ;)

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